Kadapa : Jagan Anna Complete Home Rights Scheme in the village secretariat

Today, the commissioner has discussed the complete home rights scheme of Jagan Anna in the Municipal Corporation Conference Hall on 01.11.2021th with the ward administrative secretaries and ward education secretaries. Charges:
The first chance of building a house between 1983 and 2011 Registration certificate will be provided with low payments. If the fees details are taken care of, it will be ₹ 10,000 /-, in rural areas for registration in village ward secretariats /-, 15,000 /-, in city panchayats /-, 20,000 /- in city corporation. If an officer dies, their heirs will have only the above fee, but for others registration will be doubled means ₹ 20,000 /-, in rural areas ₹ 30, 000 /-, in city panchayats ₹ 40,000 /- in city corporation .
The participants and their duties regarding the Jagan Anna Complete Home Rights Scheme in the village secretariat:
1. volunteers
2. Panchayat Secretary
3. Digital Assistant
4. VRO
5. Engineering Assistant
Panchayat Secretary:
As part of the above details registration, for the first time, PMU Housing website was given to know the data sent by Andhra Pradesh Housing Corporation. This will be completely done in the login of Panchayat secretary in villages. If the concerned panchayat secretary has forgotten the login, then if they contact the concerned district officials, they will tell username and password. Website link Click Here, home page will open as shown below immediately after clicking on the above.
Government should enter the Username & Password given by them and enter Captcha code and click on login. Immediately enter the old password, enter the new password twice and click on submit. Need to note the new password. Next, as part of profile registration, Panchayat Secretary’s name, mobile number, email id should be given and click on submit. Immediately it comes as Profile Updated Successfully. Then enter the username and newly placed password in the login page and click on login. Then click the option One Time Settlement and select List Of Beneficiaries and click on Secretariat Tagging.
Secretariat Tagging shows as shown. If you click on the option Click Here To Download The List, the list will be downloaded in the form of PDF.
The lists were given to the concerned village ward volunteers and within 2 days the details of PART – A (post is given below) were collected in the format and then the lists were examined at the field level by PS and all the details on the paper printed by the beneficiary secretariat name and son, volunteer on the website Cluster ID and mobile number should be entered. If the Aadhaar number of the beneficiary has been registered wrongly, it should also be entered and click on the update. Beneficiary details will be updated successfully. This is how everyone’s details should be registered and updated. Next work starts from the related digital assistant.
Digital Assistant:
Panchayat Secretary will show beneficiaries with volunteer ID after completion of data entry in their login. In that order, the details of the beneficiaries should be printed and given to the volunteer. Along with that, PART – B application form should be given. The concerned volunteer should be with the concerned Village Revenue Officer, Engineering Assistant / Village Surveyor at the time of writing the beneficiary details PART-B. Completed PART – B forms should be collected at the volunteer and scanned and uploaded online.

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