Raja Singh (MLA) served 41 (a) Cr.P.C notices in two cases, more to come

Raja Singh (MLA) served 41 (a) Cr.P.C notices in two cases, more to come:
1) Cr.No: 71/2022, Dated: 12th April 2022, U/s 153(A), 295(A), 504, 505(2) IPC of Shahinayatgunj Police Station
2) Cr No: 68/2022, Dated: 19th Feb 2022, u/s 505(2) IPC, 171-C, r/w 171-F IPC, Sec 123 & 125 of R.P Act of Mangalhat Police Station
There are chances that Raja Singh (MLA) will be arrested again but his Advocates will pray with Honble Judge that both notices served are related to 19th Feb and 12th April 2022, What was Police Shahinayatgunj and Mangalhat was doing for so many months and why notices served so late, this will be the ground he may get bail again.The Hyderabad police should be very cautious this time any loophole will damage their image.
When Yogi Adityanath Cheif Minister, Govt of Uttar Pradesh can keep many anti-social elements in Jail for 5-7 years then why can’t our Sri K Chandrashekar Rao Cheif Minister Govt of Telangana do it…? The law is same in Uttar Pradesh and Telangana.
Source : Amjed Ullah Khan

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